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Standard Life Healthcare, UK

Standard Life Healthcare (Health Insurance Company of the Year, 2001) offers a range of individual and company plans to over 350,000 customers. SLH is currently fourth in the private medical insurance market, with over £155 million gross written premiums (2000).

Momentum works with SLH through our partners TCS-Intelenet in India. A team of 60 dedicated staff handles indexing, invoicing and advanced invoicing, as part of SLH’s Personal Medical Insurance Process, with work queuing from the UK being turned around within the day.

SLH quality-checks the outsourced work: early on, they discovered that the team had achieved quality targets set for 3 months within just 3 weeks, achieving 100% productivity. As a result of the consistent accuracy and speed of the work undertaken in India, SLH has been able to minimize the checks required (down from 30% to just 5%), creating additional and unexpected savings in terms of own-staff resource and cost.

SLH has achieved the Board vision of extending and enhancing resources, increasing their quality whilst achieving cost savings.




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Standard Life Healthcare

Standard Life Healthcare

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