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Customer retention
It is 5-15 times more expensive to get a new client than to retain an existing one, and an existing client is 5-10 times more likely to buy from you. Momentum is skilled at handling the most important customer interaction of all – the customer who feels they have to go elsewhere.

People start off with 100% expectation: if there's unresolved conflict, they are 35% less likely to come back, but if the conflict is well resolved (over and above their expectation, with generosity and attention), they are 75 times as likely to come back, and will talk about it to 10-20 others.

Trained to the highest level in communication and empathy skills, as well as first-time problem solving, Momentum’s team can help you retain customers who might otherwise move to a competitor, bringing the additional benefit of the expansion in goodwill this can generate in the wider market.



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