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momentum has transformed the quaility of service we are able to offer

Momentum is an intelligent provider of offshore customer service, sales and marketing and back-office solutions, working on behalf of clients throughout the UK, Ireland and Europe. We’ve been providing clients such as Warner Village Cinemas, Britannia Music and Cambridge Gas & Electricity with the benefits of offshore outsourcing since 1998.

Our established call centre in County Tipperary, Ireland, offers specialist inbound and outbound voice and email services and data entry, designed to run your back-office operations smoothly and efficiently whilst maximizing the residual value of your client base. The recent addition of extensive capability in India brings our overall capacity to 4,500 seats, and enables us to provide bespoke best-fit solutions that better reflect your needs and business strategy. You determine the balance you prefer, whether you use the Tipperary capability only; send overflow calls to India; or utilize a bespoke facility there.

Momentum’s flexible approach allows you to work with a UK company offering enhanced delivery capability in India, creating the optimum customer services solution for your business.

Why not see if we can do the same for you? Once you’ve experienced the advantages to be gained from Momentum, you’ll find our ability to achieve efficiencies and high performance invaluable. Even if you choose to test our capabilities with an initial low-risk/low-cost project, we’re confident that you’ll soon want to extend the benefits of working with Momentum throughout your business process.

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